Mark your calendar! Our Spring Collection drops March 1. Mark your calendar! Our Spring Collection drops March 1.

Meet Melissa: The Melissa Mockneck

When we shared a sneak peek of our new mock neck top and shift dress at a show this spring, we could not get Melissa to stop asking for a mock neck to take home with her that day.  While I loved her enthusiasm, I only had one sample available! She gave the top so much love that I finally threw my hands up and said “if you like it so much, we’ll just name it the Melissa Mockneck”!  

The group of friends and colleagues shopping with us thought this was a fantastic idea.  Beyond the catchy alliteration, Melissa has been a mentor, friend, colleague, and cheerleader amongst this group.  When I was on my first maternity leave, she texted me on a regular basis to check in, to share words of encouragement, and to help me prepare to come back to work with a baby in tow.

Michelle, who was with us as well, had this to share: “Melissa has an infectious energy like no one I have experienced. She is gifted at connecting with people and making them feel like they are the star of the show. Melissa is truly one of a kind!”

Anna, a close friend and colleague of Melissa and an important member of the J. Margaret Weaver community said, “There are so many words to describe Melissa - she is bubbly, kind, caring, and funny. She is simultaneously a brilliant leader and visionary. Everyone who meets her, without fail, loves her! She has the most incredible, genuine spirit. “

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