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Meet Ann: The Ann Trousers

Meet Ann: The Ann Trousers

As told by Teresa

I met Ann when I applied for a Project Manager position she had posted.  During my interview, I found it so easy and nice to talk with her.  We had an immediate connection, but I don't think I realized just how much until a little later when we began working together on projects.  Ann is a natural-born leader - it comes pouring out of her.  I soon realized that she could not only teach me a great deal of things but also that by watching and observing her behavior, I would become a better associate, and eventually, a better leader myself.  

Since then, Ann has been my mentor, manager, and friend for the past six years.  She is a successful and influential healthcare leader, and I have learned so much from her about being a woman in leadership.

Ann has always encouraged me to try new things and to take on stretch assignments.  She often believed in me way before I believed in myself.  She was the one who gave me a chance at a Manager position and then at a Director-level position.  She had faith and confidence in me.  

Another way Ann invested in me was that she was always direct with her feedback.  I appreciated her directness, knowing that everything she said and did came from an area of deep care and concern for my well being and career.

I cannot think of a more humble and kind person who could receive this honor.  Thank you, Ann!

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