Commitment to Ethical Production

J. Margaret Weaver is committed to supporting and promoting manufacturers and wholesalers that follow ethical production guidelines, with a focus on US-based manufacturing.

J. Margaret Weaver's designs are manufactured in the United States by Rightfully Sewn a Kansas City-based organization that creates jobs and opportunities through the business of fashion with a seamstress training program, public sewing and fashion design classes, and small batch production services. 

J. Margaret Weaver also prioritizes using sustainable, machine washable fabrics including Tencel Lyocell and Modal which is produced by environmentally responsible processes from the sustainably sourced natural raw material wood. Modal fibers are known for being exquisitely soft and pleasant to the skin, and are used in the production of many color ways for the Barbara dress and Kathleen top.

J. Margaret Weaver also works with the following brands as part of its accessories collection:

Jak & Fox, which designs and manufactures its jewelry in Asheville, NC

Coblentz Leather, which produces its leather goods in Millersburg, OH