An Easy & Delicious Valentine’s Meal Idea

An Easy & Delicious Valentine’s Meal Idea

What are your Valentine’s Day plans? Whether going out, staying in, or celebrating with friends, this weekend is the perfect reason to enjoy delicious food.

If you are staying in and want to make a (relatively) foolproof meal, try one of my favorite foods: penne alla vodka (I promise it’s easier than it looks). I’m also making a crisp salad, focaccia bread (if you are into making bread the old-fashioned way, try this recipe) and strawberries with homemade whipped cream.  Finish with your favorite wine.

I recently started making my own whipped cream, primarily to avoid the additives in store-bought varieties.  After my first take at making it, I realized how easy and quick it is to whip together (no pun intended).  Here is my recipe:

Bon appetit!  Have a wonderful weekend of love!


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