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Sale! The Huguette Clutch - 40% Off Navy

Navy Monogram
White Monogram
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A handcrafted leather clutch, perfect for keeping your essentials organized.  The magnetic gold clasp keeps your belongings safe while also allowing for one-handed opening on-the-go.

KaLeena's Comments: I was in the market for a new clutch.  To stay organized and make getting out the door easier, everyone in my house has their own clutch that we keep stocked with necessities (a wallet, keys, face mask, and lipgloss for me; epi-pens, extra clothes or diapers, wipes, and snacks for the kids) that we can carry individually or pack up in a larger bag.  It makes life with a toddler and a preschooler so much easier!  My mom found these beautiful handmade leather clutches from Coblentz Leather, a small leather goods manufacturer near my hometown in Ohio, on the recommendation of a family member.  I like it so much, I asked if I could share it with all of you.  The clutch is handmade of top-quality leather and is large enough for all my necessities and then some.


  • 100% authentic leather
  • Size: 12" long by 7.5" high
  • Clasp: Magnetic gold clasp
  • Colors: Navy, Black, White
  • Handcrafted by Coblentz Leather in Ohio
  • Hand-painted monograming available


We are pleased to offer hand-painted monogramming to personalize your clutch. This includes the selection of up to four letters and two colors.  Please select the monogrammed clutch option and enter your email at checkout so we may coordinate your specific monogram and color choices. Upon confirmation of your monogram details, please allow one week for completion of your monogram.  Monogrammed items may not be returned. 


The Story Behind the Seams: The Huguette Clutch 

Behind every successful person are many others who have poured their wisdom and perspective into them.  The Huguette clutch is named in honor of Christina P's grandmother, someone who not only showed her the rewards that come through hard work and dedication but who also inspires her every day in her faith, in loving her spouse, and in caring for other people, including the patients in her dental practice.

Christina shared the amazing example her grandmother, Huguette, set for her, centered around the loving, stable environment she created for her family through prayer, commitment (she's been happily married for 63 years!), and the pursuit of knowledge.  After having two children at a young age, Huguette returned to school for her GED, even though at the time that was rare for anyone to do - especially a woman.  

According to Christina, Huguette dedicated her life to “caring for her family and working hard to give them things that she didn’t have growing up. She always worked hard, remained humble and loved the Lord. Even when times were tough, she would lean on Him, knowing He would provide and protect her family.”  

Christina has wonderful memories from her childhood with her grandmother, especially in her beautiful gardens where Huguette not only shared her green thumb but also talked about the importance of family and faith.  She continues to enjoy spending time with her today.