Mark your calendar! Our Spring Collection drops March 1. Mark your calendar! Our Spring Collection drops March 1.

Happy International Women's Day!

Happy International Women's Day!

Growing up, I was influenced and inspired by many amazing women.  This started with my mom, who spent hours with me reading books, teaching me to cross-stitch and then to sew, and molding my character.  Throughout my school years, I had the privilege of learning from caring educators; women who fostered a love of math, a passion for English and literature, and an obsession with logic and problem solving.  From grandmothers and aunts to neighbors, friends, colleagues, and mentors, there are so many women I could thank and recognize for investing their time and energy into me.

And, thank you so much for being here - I am grateful for the opportunity to be part of each of your lives.  Your ideas, encouragement, and honesty have been instrumental as I’ve navigated this entrepreneurship journey.  Not only has this been a period of personal growth and learning, but it has also been an amazing opportunity to meet so many of you either virtually or in-person and hear your ideas and suggestions.  

One of my favorite suggestions - shared by Jackie Challoner and a team of students at Miami University - was to name each piece after an individual who is connected to someone in this community.  The Mimi blouse is named after Jill’s grandmother, Helen, the Huguette clutch honors Christina’s grandmother, the Barbara dress was named after a mentor of Becky’s, and the Kathleen top highlights Laura’s mom.  You can read each of their stories at the links below.

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Meet Barbara and Becky

Meet Kathleen and Laura

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